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Afro Moses is a multi award-winning, talented artist from Ghana, West Africa.

He is a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher with a magnetic personality who has enchanted people with his high energy music, powerful messages, showmanship

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  • Afro Moses The LionKing of Afr...

    AFRO MOSES Baidoo

    English 0.08 mins


    Phoebe Rennie

    English 4.07 mins

  • Celebration of African Austral...

    AFRO MOSES Baidoo

    English 4.49 mins

  • Afro Moses Raised the flag of ...

    AFRO MOSES Baidoo2

    English 2.27 mins

  • Afro Moses receives award at t...

    Australians, Sydney Opera House

    English 2.42 mins

  • Afro Moses

    Phoebe Rennie

    English 4.25 mins


    Moses Baidoo

    English 6.25 mins

  • Afro Moses Road to Bali Reggae...



Award details

award winning

  • Living Legend

    Living Legend

    Afro Moses has been honoured as a "Living Legend" at the Opera AA National Awards in 2012.

  • Best International M...

    In both 2000 and 2002, Moses was voted as Ghana's best International Music Ambassador.